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Message From the SDS

             We are only halfway through the year 2016, but it has already been a fruitful one. And I can’t thank you enough for making me feel welcome in this new home of mine. To all the officials, personnel, school heads, and teachers, please accept my gratitude, and know that all your efforts in improving the plight    of   our   learners   are   very much appreciated.

             The   change   in   the   country’s administration, along with its accompanying hashtag, #ChangeIsComing, dictates that we, as pillars of the education sector, should not only welcome change, but also be agents of change for the better.

              I am proud to report that we have been successful in reaching the last mile of the K to 12 Program – the Senior High School. Being a transformative vehicle for change, the   program   needs   our   full and unwavering     commitment   and so I am expecting 100 percent support from each and every one of you.

             We have blazed the trail for change not only in terms of K to 12, but also with the full implementation of the Rationalization Program. The new structure of the Schools Division Office consists of the Curriculum Implementation      Division, School      Governance and Operations Division, and Administrative Division serves as the backbone of our organization in the realization of our vision and mission. So bear in mind that you are not alone in embracing the many changes that have and will come our way.   

Thank you, and let us face the latter half   of   2016 and beyond with hope and optimism.




Office of the Schools Division Superintendent